Template Front

Our templates are painstakingly designed to be a flawless UK licence.

Laminate hologram overlay are exact.

UV ink looks perfect under UV light and your details are encoded and will scan correctly same as a real licence.

 UK id

Template Back

We don't make a good front then forget the back.

Back has key to numbered items on front and table, with pictograms, of the licence categories with holder-specific dates of validity Steering wheel emblem at right in optically variable ink that changes from green to gold as the licence is tilted. We have mastered it all to perfection.

uk fake id backside

How To Order
?Price and Ordering?

1 Full Licence, Provisional Licence, or Counterpart 40 GBP (€45 EUR)
2 or more 30 GBP EACH (€35 EUR)

Example: 1 Licence and 1 Counterpart would be 60.

Prices include return shipping and packaging.

Add 15 GBP/EUR for express return to your total, if you need faster return.

We accept payment by Bitcoin

Read below and have your order paid for today and your order shipped within 24 hours!

2 minutes to open a free Bitcoin wallet.

Link below to fund your Bitcoin wallet in minutes at thousands of locations across the UK.

How to pay by Bitcoin:

To understand in depth why we only accept Bitcoin and our 1,000 guarantee read the bottom section of this page.

Open a free Bitcoin wallet Click Here.

Now you have a bitcoin wallet and Bitcoin address. There are many websites and payment options to fund your account.

buybitcoin.sg Fastest way in the UK to buy Bitcoins in minutes by cash at thousands of locations. Just visit the site and follow the simple steps.

Alternatively If you have a UK bank account and online banking try:

bittylicious.com (also Barclays Pingit)


Once your Bitcoin wallet is funded email us at order@uk-id.com. You will receive an email back with our Bitcoin account number, order form link, and more helpful instructions to complete your order.

If the email does not arrive within a few minutes, you have checked your spam folder, then our email is blocked by your ISP. Alternatively open a free yahoo, hotmail, or gmail account to receive our email.

Make sure before proceeding to fill out the order form, you have your picture and optional signature file ready to upload to our order form. The order form will ask you to upload your picture and signature file, and will send them to us when you submit the form. If you do not have a signature file, you can leave this blank on the order form. We will make the signature for you to match the name you want on the id. If you are ordering more than one just submit a new form for each additional order.

We guarantee you will NEVER find a fake id maker online that accepts credit cards or Paypal. You find a site that has been in business over 60 days, order from them, successfully receive a cloned UK licence, not some novelty card or useless prove it card. You email us and tell us the site, we will order. If it is true, we will award you 1,000 GBP to your Bitcoin account. This is how confident we are that no real fake id maker can accept such payments.

uk-id.com buy quality perfected UK fake id